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Grandmothers Prayer


© 2002, By Joyce A. Kovelman, Ph.D.


Children of Earth, please hear my plea

Let us work to heal air, land and sea

Listen well to the stirrings of your heart And follow the wisdom of your Soul


Bid welcome to the next evolutionary stage

When humanity finally comes of age

A time to end our Silence

And cultivate ways of Non-Violence


"But Grandmother," I ask, "What can I do?

Our sky is gray, no longer blue

Half of Earth's creatures are disappearing

There is much that I am fearing."

And Grandmother replies,

"Some people are blessed with many things

Lots of houses, cars, diamonds and rings

Yet always they hunger for more

Whatever for?


Others experience scarcity and lack

While traveling on the poverty track

Many descend into the world

Of heroin and crack

Desperate to ease the pain

Of empty, unfulfilled lives

Leaving behind a legacy of

Hungry babes and anguished wives

Grandmother urges us to

Transform our "Not enough" attitude

to one of Gratitude

She reveals that

Whenever we give thanks for what we have

We create a world of abundance and plenitude


Grandmother teaches us that

Power and Domination give way

Whenever we show respect

For what others do and say


Seems what you choose to believe

Determines what you perceive

Humanity dwells in numbing confusion

No longer sure what is real or illusion

Even time, space and matter may not be real

It's only our neurological apparatus

That tells us what we see, hear and feel

And if space-time and matter aren't really there,

What am I doing here?


Yet, Grandmother's compassion

Yearning to be expressed

Brings us wisdom long suppressed

Listen well to her heartfelt plea

Assuring us that when

Humanity honors the Divine

refrains from greed,

Houses the homeless

And feeds the poor

Crime and hate will cease

Humanity will know the end of WAR

And dwell again in a world of Peace

Invite Grandmother's wisdom Into your heart

Journey again the Soulful path

Where Spirit and Mystic Connect

Explore the hidden invisible dimensions

Where experience is always Direct






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