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The World of 2070 A.D.

"THE WORLD OF 2070 A.D."

© 2001, Joyce A. Kovelman, Ph.D., Ph.D.


The world of 2070 A.D. is a vision of a new way of being in the world. It is a world filled with hope, promise and opportunity. Its people have achieved a sustainable economy and a sustainable ecology. They live in balance and harmony with the cycles and rhythms of the cosmos and respect all forms of life and consciousness. They recognize that All is One.


The world of 2070 A.D. is founded upon the integration and Sacred Marriage of masculine and feminine elements in our psyches, and a new spiritual covenant with Universe. The citizens of 2070 A.D. know the inner paths of Soul. They are equally at home in the worlds of matter and non-matter, for they have long recognized that they are One.


Balance in population, food supply, and energy resources ensure that every child is a wanted child and is properly cared for. Parenting is considered the most noble of vocations. The "Mothering Ones" are esteemed and cherished along with the children they nurture.

More mature and humane solutions to conflict and discord have been discovered and practiced. The world of 2070 A.D. knows no honor, glory or profit through war.


Elders are valued for their abilities and experiences. Their presence and their gifts enrich the entire community in which they dwell. The Wisdom age is the culmination and gift of a life well-lived. Advancing age affords an opportunity to more fully embrace and explore the inner paths of transcendence. Indeed, it the Wisdom Age that calls out to us to deepen our connection with other realms of existence.


Creativity and the willingness to grow are prized attributes in the land of 2070 A.D. People of all ages are encouraged to create, to risk, to fail, and to succeed. Essentially, they are free to simply BE. Black, white, yellow, red or brown, all citizens are equal and all are cherished. This is a world that honors and respects diversity. Value fulfillment is everyone's privilege; it is freely offered to all who dwell in this peaceful realm.

2070 A.D. inspires and encourages its citizens to become dreamers, seers and prophets. They have learned that their dreams and their future emanate from the invisible archetypal realms of the collective unconscious and beyond. The seeds of inspiration and wisdom are transmitted to 2070 A. D. through its visionaries and enlightened ones. No society can long endure without the arts, music, literature and visions that reflect its highest aspirations and potential. Archetypal 2070 A.D. already dwells in the hearts and souls of humankind. It symbolizes our promise as well as our birthright.


The enlightened, peaceful land of 2070 A. D. sharply contrasts with the shadowy, dark world we presently know. In our current world, we experience violence, despair, greed, hate, abuse, violation of human rights, and the desecration of Mother Earth. It seems unlikely, even futile, to believe that we could ever realize and attain such a reality.

We are like the people in Plato's Cave, seeing only the shadows and hints of another reality. Like Plato'speople, we are faced with an awesome choice. We can refuse to believe and change or, instead, we can embrace the Light and leave our Darkness behind. Humanity must successfully accomplish an inner reconciliation of masculine and feminine principles, and claim its own shadow if we are to realize our true potential and to embrace the One and the Many. In this way, humankind becomes a noble species and once again knows itself as part of All That Is. 2070 A. D. already exists within the realms of possibility. It is humanity's destiny and future. Carpe Diem. Dare we seize the opportunity?


Sadly, our present world of 2001 A.D. finds us in the midst of war and recession. Let us, instead, imagine the reality and world we wish to experience in 2002? It is up to each of us to envision the world we wish to realize, and then to do all within our power to make our dream come true. To change the world, we must first change ourselves! Collectively we can make an impact, and each voice and each dream will enhance everyone else's dreams of good will. I have shared my vision for the future that I fervently wish to bestow upon my children, and my children's children. I invite all of you to share your ideas and dreams with me as well.

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