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This is God Speaking !

"This is God Speaking!"

© 2012, Joyce A. Kovelman, Ph.D., Ph.D.




This is God speaking.!


I found your telephone number in the yellow pages.

How are you? I haven't heard from you in such a long time. Do you remember me?

Do you ever miss me or think about me?

I think about you all the time.


Maybe you think that I no longer exist.

So I decided it is time to say hello and to tell you that I really am "I AM."


I'm really worried about you and your friends - your planet


Your whole society is totally outrageous and insane....


Children are killing children and going to war. Where are all the grown-ups?

And people are working until they drop or until the Company downsizes and drops them.

Do you call that intelligent?


I thought slavery was abolished in the U. S. over 100 years ago.

Why do you slave and work just for the latest toys?

Don't you know that you are worth more than that?

What happened to the good old days when people ate dinner with their families and talked to one another?


Don't you know you need to laugh and play every day?

Don't you realize that all this stress and frenetic living is killing you?

And your world is so crowded with people - starving and poor people, overwhelmed people,

helpless, angry, enraged people. So many wars - ugh! Is this anyway to live?

How many poor people live in your world? How can they survive without water and resources?

Are they just to be abandoned and forgotten?


More people are being born, more people are living longer, and more people are unable to feed themselves and their families.

Don't just stand there.... Do something to help them.

What about the people who haven't any medical insurance?

How will they and their children survive? Do you even care?


And when will you require elders, the infirmed and the disabled to die, so that you still show a profit?

Will you withhold treatment when they reach age 50, 65, 75 or.... Will it make any difference if they are still healthy?

Why clone more human beings when you can't handle all the ones living in your world now?

Who do you think you are... GOD?

With all those electronic gadgets and the latest technology and trips to Mars,

Why are people expendible, rather than valuable?


Don't you know I gave you the technology to better your world, not to desecrate it?

I just can't fathom how you can pollute your world and still expect my planet to sustain and nourish you.

It's amazing how you forget to clean up after yourselves and my, what a mess all of you have made.


And all those beautiful trees that you're cutting down...

Don't you realize trees offer you shelter, food, and that they prevent floods and erosion of soil, provide oxygen

and absorb carbon dioxide from fossil fuels?

And how about your oceans -- how can you dump toxic wastes and chemicals into the oceans,

killing my coral, fish, whales and dolphins? Don't you know that my oceans also absorb excess carbon dioxide

so that your world doesn't overheat?


Since you're always so busy, perhaps you haven't noticed that the polar ice caps are beginning to shrink and...

Storms, hurricanes, floods and tornadoes are more numerous and destructive than before...

And half my lovely creatures on land and sea are now extinct, thanks to you.

Don't you know that they are part of the fragile web of life that enables humanity to live and thrive?

How can you kill my creatures? They belong to me, not to you!


Shame On you....


Yes, I'm calling you ... and you ... and you...

Please Wake up before it is too late.


You can still save your planet....


You can still reconnect to those you love and become a caring, sensitive person again.....


We can still CO-create together....


Well, Enough already....


I AM, I AM....


Call me.... I AM eager to speak with you. I have so much love and blessings to share with you.


Yours eternally, GOD, I AM, Creator, Source, Brahma, ALL THAT IS... At your Service, any time, any where, just here!"

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