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Speaking Engagements



Recipe for a Forever Relationship  Your audience will learn:

   >>Love and Commitment are the foundation.

   >>A Forever relationship is a work in progress.

   >>Acceptance allows each partner to grow.

   >>The value of compassion and forgiveness.  


The Art of Laughing and Crying  Your audience will learn:

   >>How emotions affect our health

   >>Techniques for reducing Stress

   >>The need to both Laugh and Cry

   >>How to deal with life's Sorrows·Guided Imagery's role in healing

   >>How to stay healthy


Aging into Wisdom  Your audience will learn:

   >>Elders will soon out number their younger cohorts.

   >>Aging into Wisdom emphasizes the quality of existence.

   >>Personal Transformation, enhanced wisdom and spiritual awakening

        are the gifts of Aging into Wisdom.

   >>Elders are guardians of our planet and our species.

   >>When the Grandmothers Speak, the Earth will Heal.

"The Emerging Feminine" Participants will learn:

   >> How the human psyche develops and evolves, individually and

         collectively,  through space and time.

   >> The present world view and consequences of Patriarchal


   >> The newly emerging world view under the Feminine, and its

         impact uponn our relationships, careers, family, and how we

         understand reality.

   >> How to define values, priorities, set limits and boundaries.

   >> The Feminine is truly revolutionary in purpose and intent, and will

         radically alter our view of Self, world and cosmos.


and many more. . .

   >> "Embracing Spirit"

   >> "Empowering Self, Empowering Others"

   >> "Executive Coaching"

   >> "Forever Relationship"

   >> "Life Strategies"

   >> "Molecules of Emotion"

   >> "Personal Transformation"

   >> "Stress and Anger Management"

   >> "Time Management"

   >> "The Money Clinic"

   >> "The Power of One"

Dr. Kovelman is a successful international speaker who gently guides and helps people to reach their highest potential and noblest aspirations.  Invite her to speak at your next event or schedule one of her workshops and/or read some of her ground-breaking published works.  Allow her to touch your heart and Soul.


Individual sessions, Couples Work, Executive Coaching, Seminars and Workshops can and in many cases are customized to your special needs and goals.


Fee schedule available upon request.

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