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We are coordinating an International Grandmothers' Circle based upon the Hopi Indian prophecy, "When the Grandmothers Speak, The Earth will Heal."  We invite you to send a Grandmother to represent your community; a woman of integrity, respect and wisdom.  We are an inclusive Circle of Grandmothers (elders over 60 years old) representing all ethnicities, nations, races and religions.  We also enfold a Circle of Mothers (younger mothers and grandmothers under 60 years old) who serve as our advisors. We are concerned with the well being and healing of our planetary home, and the future of our children and our children's children.  All generations are invited and given voice and expression in our ever widening Circle.



An international Circle of Grandmothers from all corners of Mother Earth is forming.  Our Circle of Wisdom and Peace Keepers empowers women, their families, their tribes, villages, communities and nations. We believe that Grandmothers' ancient wisdom and teachings will return balance, harmony, compassion, and sanity to our troubled planet.  We seek nothing less than Peace on Earth and Peace with Earth, and a future for our Children. We also enfold a younger advisory Circle of Mothers.  Now we ask your help in completing our circle, so that we may assure humanity's survival.  Working together, Wisdom and Peace Keepers serve as models of great potential and possibility.  We recognize that "Protocol is the Way," yet all too often Protocol has gotten in the way, allowing negotiations and possibility to slip away. 

The Grandmothers' Circle hopes to reach consensus and agreement on many of the issues that now divide our nations, tribes and homes.  With the spirit of consensus reaching into our communities and villages, we open our hearts and our minds to explore the way for living harmoniously with one another and for achieving a sustainable Peace in our world, even within our lifetime. Grandmothers, as conscious co-creators with nature, acknowledge the sacredness of all life.  Instead of violence and war, we encourage humanity to walk the paths of peace. We invite every tribe, village, and nation who wishes to participate, to send a Grandmother and/or a Mother of integrity and wisdom to join our efforts.  As our voices grow in number and strength, we will attain the needed support to gather together and to realize our service to humankind and Mother Earth.  We welcome your ideas and participation. 

The years 1995-2004 have been designated as "The Decade of the Indigenous" by the United Nations.  Indigenous wisdom is essential to the healing of Earth and all its inhabitants.  Let us invite the Wisdom of the Grandmothers into our hearts, our homes and our communities so that healing may begin.  Let us begin now!

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