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  Product Name: I AM WOMAN on a Journey called Life 5- CD

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Workbook Five offers a glimpse into the least define, most challenging, endlessly creative and expansively liberating time of life.  Many Elders are living longer, healthier lives and will need additional resources and funds to see them through their longer retirements and lives.  We look at Grandparents Raising Grandchildren, the need for Ceremony ,Ritual and Joy.Sex, after 60 and how Elders in retirement are creating satisfying, joyful and creative lives.  At the end of this Workbook, we address the urgent need to move from war and planetary destruction as we yearn, instead, to travel the paths that lead to peace and harmony.  The hope's of humanity's future rests upon the awakening spirit and empowerment of all women.  May we awaken, take action and invite a sustainable, compassionate, caring world into our reality.  We can do so, if we decide, act and create this wonderful legacy for ourselves, our children and our grandchildren.

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