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  Product Name: Once Upon A Soul

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Once Upon ASOUL invites everyone who recognizes that there is more to Heaven and Earth than the readily visible and who yearns to explore the deeper mysteries of life, to share the collective wisdom of Science, Psychology and Spirituality as it integrates mind, body and spirit into a satisfying wholeness. Once Upon ASOUL speaks to an enduring, eternal core of Consciousness, a sacred essence that each of us carries deep within our being. Once Upon ASOUL invites each of us to participate with Consciousness Itself, in order to explore the sacred and deep mysteries beyond ordinary existence.  New Paradigm Self is guardian of the environment and an instrument for peace....partner and co-creator of our world.


ONCE UPON ASOUL is a thrilling journey through science, psychology, and the world of the spirit. No one can afford to neglect the information in this book, which could only have been written by a seasoned traveler and very wise woman. For an introduction to the next millennium, I highly recommend this book.


Larry Dossey, M.D. Author of "Healing Words" and "Reinventing medicine".


ONCE UPON ASOUL. The big "AHA!" now descending on those of us who ponder on the meaning of it all has found the right scribe in Joyce Kovelman. Read the book and every few paragraphs put it aside to reflect on it. What joy!"


Rabbi Zalman M. Schachter-Shalomi  

ONCE UPON ASOUL. There are several other excellent books on this topic, but Dr. Kovelman's to me expresses its ideas in a more personal way than most others, thus is both "reader-friendly" and easily accessible... Dr. Kovelman has stated her goal as offering a process to help the reader attain contact with the numinous and, in doing so, she espouses the multi-level, multi-faceted and multi-dimensional nature of the psyche.  Her book is a milestone in the effort to orient psychology toward an embrace with the sacred and spiritual aspects of life.  Without this, much of what makes people human will be ignored - to the detriment of both science and humanity.                                      Stanley Krippner Ph.D.


ONCE UPON ASOUL. A vivid and compelling synthesis of science, psychology and spirituality...

Marianne Williamson FOR OVERVIEW

"ONCE UPON ASOUL has been selected as a textbook for University of the Air. Dr. Kovelman's must read book has profound implications for our further understanding of the interdisciplinary connections of science, psychology and spirit, as well as for human survival. Once Upon ASOUL is a beautiful work that will become a classic"

F. Richard Schneider, Ph.D. CEO, Institute of Global Education


ONCE UPON ASOUL. Joyce Kovelman brings together the new physics, transpersonal psychology, the perennial philosophy, and mystical spirituality in a breathtaking synthesis. She places the human journey within the largest possible context and offers a powerful vision of our origins and unfolding future.

Michael Washburn

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