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  Product Name: Namaste': Initiation and Transformation

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Namaste' reminds us that All Existence is endowed with a spark of the Divine. Namaste', a Sanskrit word, means "the divinity within Me honors and respects the divinity within You."  Each of us is born with good intent, a yearning to fulfill our higher potential, and a psychic map to point the way.  Our mission is to grow and evolve in ways uniquely our own.  Namaste' speaks to our most human quest for personal transformation and spiritual awakening. Namaste' provides an array of possibilities, ideas, tools and pathways for You to explore.,  Namaste` is a pathway to wholeness, harmony and serenity for all who journey upon The Path of the Heart.


NAMASTE'. It is with great pleasure that I endorse your new book.  NAMASTE' is an inward journey to the depths of your psyche. The stories, exercises and guided imagery encourages participation with the awakening Soul. NAMASTE' is an interactive process that teaches the ways to tap into and fulfill your greater potential. An extraordinary achievement by a very talented and awakened author.


F. Richard Schneider, Ph.D. CEO, Institute of Global Education and Co-founder, Dir. Mucherla Global School, India.   

NAMASTE'. This is not pop psychology. NAMASTE' is a series of "exercises" to help you find your way to your personal goals. You are provided with a series of maps through illustration and real life examples to assist you on your way to becoming a more complete person. The beauty comes when you realize that you have achieved your goal by yourself. NAMASTE' stands by itself, but I'm sure you'll appreciate that the effort is lessened by reading the companion book by Dr. Kovelman, ONCE UPON ASOUL. Enjoy the trip.


Roy S. Griffiths, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus (Psychology)

Dr. Joyce A. Kovelman, in her new and second book entitled "NAMASTE': Initiation and Personal Transformation: A How To for Those Who Wish To, " presents a path as well tools to Self-Realization and Spiritual Awakening... Personal evolution demands an inward journey of heroic proportions; NAMASTE'. The heroic adventure is the search to understand one's relationship with Life. There is nothing better to pave the way toward the next century and millennium where Love/Light/Justice/Peace/Harmony/Happiness will be unfolded from the inside out, transforming the individual, family, society and the whole world.


Hoang Van Duc, MD. DSc Clincial Professor - USC School of Medicine and Pastor of the Unity-and-Diversity World Council & Ministries  

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