My Guidelines for Life:

Enjoy Life, It’s a magical journey.

Life is challenging.  Do your best.

Some days are definitely better than others.  Treasure them.

Life is a journey of self-discovery.

Life has meaning and purpose.

Choice and freedom always come with responsibility.

What you resist, persists – it’s always better to deal with your Life’s challenges, rather than to avoid them.

You can’t move onto the next lesson until you learn the present one.

Learn from your losses, savor your gains.

You cannot gain at someone else’s expense.

Don’t blame, judge, criticize – Instead learn.

It’s O.K. to say “No!”

Life is not about winning; it’s above learning and evolving.

You can only see the world as you are, not as it truly is.

You create your world, one thought, feeling and idea at a time.

The world out there is a reflection of who you are in here.

You create, write and enact the story of your life.

To change the world, you must change yourself.

Seek ways that are Life Sustaining.

Forgive and Love – Love Prevails above all.

Take a Risk – and Grow!

Love is All There Is.

As an Elder and Grandmother I care deeply.  I send you love and blessings and encourage you to be all that you can be.

I know that you have chosen to be here, and to encounter the many challenges that will come you way throughout your days,

months and years upon planet Earth.  I believe that you are capable of fulfilling anything you set your mind too, and that you

are a light onto this world.  I also  know you can make a difference in this world; a difference that will help all of humanity to

move forward and awaken to its true nature as spiritual beings that exist in both the physical and well as the invisible realms of existence.


You are important, very important.  You do make a Difference!  You are an eternal being and you will always be.  I am inviting you to shine

your light far and wide, to become the self you always were, already are, and always will be.  I am here to guide and to love you.  Always.


I promise.


Grani Joyce


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