© 2009

Joyce A. Kovelman, Ph.D.,

“Children of Earth, please hear my plea

Let us work together to heal air, land and sea,

Listen well to the stirrings of your heart

For its wisdom turns life into art.

Grandmother holds knowledge long suppressed

Gratefully, her wisdom again is expressed,

For Grandmother’s words, both ancient and new

Always tells us what is sacred and true.

As humanity refrains from corruption and greed,

            Feeds the poor, and houses the Homeless

Crime and Hate will slowly cease,

And our World shall know a lasting peace.

So Bid welcome to the next evolutionary stage

            When humanity finally come of age

It’s time to end our conspiracy of Silence

            And instead, cultivate the ways of Non-Violence.

You may ask, “Grandmother, What can I do?”

            The skies are polluted and no longer blue,

Earth’s waters are brown and no longer fit to drink,

And Half of Earth’s creatures are disappearing

I fear Humankind will soon become extinct.

And, quietly, Grandmother answers,

            Some are blessed with many things,

                        Lots of houses, cars, diamonds and rings,

Yet, they still hunger and yearn for more.  Whatever for?

Others experience scarcity and lack

            As they travel upon the poverty track

Many sad and lonely, descend into the world

             Of heroin and crack.

Desperate to ease their pain

            Of unfulfilled lives,

Many leaving behind a legacy of

            Hungry babes and anguished wives.

So many Hearts filled with unrelenting emptiness

            Never allowing any joy or happiness

To penetrate the dark spaces within

            their Soul.

Grandmother urges us

            To change our “Not enough” attitude

                        To the more noble one of “Gratitude.”

She encourages us to feel the joy Love generates

            And with an outpouring of compassion, our Soul radiates,

Grandmother reminds us that

                                    Power and Domination give way

                        Whenever we show respect

                                    For what others do and say.

                        When Spirit freely flows, Creation grows

                                    Reflection gives Voice to our heart,

                                                And Vision to our Soul

                        Opening the way to all that is Essential

                                    Helping us to achieve our every potential.

                        As we travel upon the Spiritual Path,

                                    Spirit and Mystic Connect.

                        During such moments of sacred mystery,

                                    Our experience is always personal and direct,


                                     Life Changing,





“May you realize your right to life, to love, to simple Be.

May you remember who you are,

And why you came to Earth,

Know that You are a Light to all

       Who follow in your footsteps.”


Grani Joyce

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