“CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY: A1H1W2″ (c) 2013, Joyce A. Kovelman, Ph.D., Ph.D.

Prologue (c) 2011   Gilbert G. Kovelman, Esq.




(c) 2011

Gilbert G. Kovelman, Esq.

           As man continues to pollute our Mother Earth and all of its inhabitants on land, sea and air (and in the face of uncontrolled Global Warming of the planet), there will come to pass a state of evolutionary acceleration through natural and induced mutations and the desperate need of organic species to adapt to a new and perilous environment, with its attendant unknown problems and consequences that man and Nature may or may not be capable of successful resolution.  That will be the great struggle for life as we now know it.

This book starring “Archaea,” in reality a recently discovered third branch of Earthly life is an adventure story about one such momentous battle for survival and recovery.  While the account is fictional, this story will gnaw at the concerned reader for its message of haunting and probably inevitable truth.


          There will be established on earth a new consciousness and power

          which will shape a race of wise spiritual beings and take up into

          itself all of earth-nature that is ready for this transformation.

                          Sri Aurobindo, Science and Spirituality, p. 171.


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