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You will need at least ten people for best results, although this exercise can also be done in dyads, if necessary. Form two circles, each circle facing the other. The outer circle is designated, The Ancestors and the inner one, The Descendants. Each person in the circle sits opposite another. A series of three questions (more if you wish) are posed and answered during this exercise.

Question l: Descendants ask the first question, “Is it true Ancestor, that your world destroyed the forests, polluted the skies, created two large Ozone holes, poured toxic wastes into your rivers and oceans, caused the extinction of more than half of the life existing in the Rainforests on your planet…?” (add other examples as you feel appropriate.)


Each person who is an Ancestor gives his/her own personal response to this disturbing question. The answers will vary with each person in the circle. Pay attention to your feelings and thoughts as you either answer this question or hear someone else’s response. Respect whatever is shared. When the circle has completed this portion of the exercise, members of the outer circle move to the chair on his/her left and will be sitting opposite a different person than before.


Question 2: Descendants again pose the next question – quietly asking, “Ancestor, what did you do, if anything, to stop this madness and protect Earth and its inhabitants? Drawing upon personal experience and understanding,


The Ancestors then do their best to truthfully answer this profound and personal question. Continue to pay attention to your feelings and thoughts throughout this process. At the end of Question 2, members of the outer circle (Our Ancestors) again shift to the chair on their left, and sit opposite a different person.


Question 3: This time the question is asked by The Ancestors. “Descendant, would you tell me about the world you presently live in? Did it survive our devastation and destruction? Are you able to play outdoors? Are your children healthy? Did the loss of species finally stop? Did you cleanse the pollution from Earth, air and sea? Please tell me about your world?


Descendants do their best to describe their world and their experience. This is probably the hardest question to answer, and one that will emotionally affect your sense of what is currently happening and what needs to be done if our species and planet are to survive.


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