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You will need at least ten people for best results, although this exercise can also be done in dyads, if necessary. Form two circles, each circle facing the other. The outer circle is designated, The Ancestors and the inner one, The Descendants. Each person in the circle sits opposite another. A series of three questions (more if you wish) are posed and answered during this exercise.

Question l: Descendants ask the first question, “Is it true Ancestor, that your world destroyed the forests, polluted the skies, created two large Ozone holes, poured toxic wastes into your rivers and oceans, caused the extinction of more than half of the life existing in the Rainforests on your planet…?” (add other examples as you feel appropriate.)


Each person who is an Ancestor gives his/her own personal response to this disturbing question. The answers will vary with each person in the circle. Pay attention to your feelings and thoughts as you either answer this question or hear someone else’s response. Respect whatever is shared. When the circle has completed this portion of the exercise, members of the outer circle move to the chair on his/her left and will be sitting opposite a different person than before.


Question 2: Descendants again pose the next question – quietly asking, “Ancestor, what did you do, if anything, to stop this madness and protect Earth and its inhabitants? Drawing upon personal experience and understanding,


The Ancestors then do their best to truthfully answer this profound and personal question. Continue to pay attention to your feelings and thoughts throughout this process. At the end of Question 2, members of the outer circle (Our Ancestors) again shift to the chair on their left, and sit opposite a different person.


Question 3: This time the question is asked by The Ancestors. “Descendant, would you tell me about the world you presently live in? Did it survive our devastation and destruction? Are you able to play outdoors? Are your children healthy? Did the loss of species finally stop? Did you cleanse the pollution from Earth, air and sea? Please tell me about your world?


Descendants do their best to describe their world and their experience. This is probably the hardest question to answer, and one that will emotionally affect your sense of what is currently happening and what needs to be done if our species and planet are to survive.


“WORLD OF 2070 A.D.”

“The world of 2070 A.D. is a vision of a new era. It is a world filled with
hope, promise, and opportunity. Its people have achieved a sustainable
economy and a sustainable ecology. They live in balance and harmony
with the cycles and rhythms of the cosmos, and respect all forms of
life and consciousness.

The world of 2070 A.D. is founded upon the Sacred Marriage
of masculine and feminine elements in Psyche, and a new spiritual
covenant with Universe. The citizens of 2070 A.D. know the inner
paths of the Psyche. They are equally at home in the worlds of matter
and non-matter, for they have long recognized that they are One.
Balance in population, food supply, and energy resources ensure
that every child is a wanted child and is properly cared for. Parenting
is considered the most noble of vocations. The “Mothering Ones”
are esteemed and cherished along with the children they nurture.
More mature and humane solutions to conflict and discord have
been discovered and promoted. The world of 2070 A.D. knows no
honor, glory, or profit through war.

Elders are valued for their abilities and experiences. Their presence
and their gifts enrich the entire community. The Wisdom age
is the culmination and gift of a life well-lived. Advancing age affords
an opportunity to more fully embrace and explore the inner paths of

Creativity and the willingness to grow are prized attributes in the
land of 2070 A.D. People of all ages are encouraged to create, to risk,
to fail, and to succeed. Essentially, they are free simply to BE whomever
they are. Black, white, yellow, red, or brown, all citizens are equal
and all are cherished. This is a world that honors and respects diversity.
Value fulfillment is everyone’s privilege; it is freely offered to all who
dwell in this peaceful realm.

2070 A.D. inspires and encourages its citizens to become dreamers,
seers, and prophets. They have learned that their dreams and future
emanate from the invisible archetypal realms of the psyche, and
beyond. The seeds of inspiration and wisdom are transmitted to 2070
A. D. through its visionaries and enlightened ones. No society can
long endure without the arts, music, literature, and visions that reflect
its highest potential. Archetypal 2070 A.D. dwells in the hearts and
Souls of humankind. It symbolizes our promise and our birthright.

The enlightened, peaceful land of 2070 A.D. sharply contrasts
with the shadowy, dark world we presently know. In our current world,
we experience violence, despair, greed, hate, abuse, violation of human
rights, and the desecration of Mother Earth. It seems unlikely, even
futile, to believe that we could ever realize and attain such a reality.

We are like the people in Plato’s Cave1., seeing only the shadows
and hints of another reality. Like Plato’s people, we are faced with an
awesome choice. We can refuse to believe and change or, instead, we
can embrace the Light and leave our Darkness behind. 2070 A.D.
already exists within the realms of possibility. It is humankind’s
destiny and future.

Carpe diem. Dare we seize the opportunity?
Humankind is approaching the next evolution of consciousness
and perception that corresponds to Reconciliation and Union. It urges
us beyond the limitations of gender, stereotyped roles, and the prejudice
against race or creed. It imparts dignity and respect to all
human beings. In the life cycle of ASELF, it represents the choices
and responsibilities of conscious adulthood.

Recognition that Psyche continues to develop throughout one’s
entire lifespan implies that humankind might yet realize more periods
of chaos and uncertainty as our species experiences middle-age, and
as we accrue the wisdom and grace of an ancient people. Each stage
in Psyche’s cycle of life guides and directs our continuing sojourn
upon Earth.

Humanity must successfully navigate and accomplish an inner
reconciliation of masculine and feminine principles, in order to realize
its fuller potential and to embrace the One and the Many.

TRANSPERSONAL Human will soon dwell upon the earth. The caterpillar
is transforming itself into a butterfly. When the metamorphosis is
complete, we will know the ONE WE ARE, consciously, for the
very first time.”


“A pandemic begins on Antarctica, rapidly infecting all of Earth’s oceans and threatening all planetary life.  The U.S. Military creates a Scientific team whose ‘mission impossible’ is to identify the pathogen and end the pandemic. When a violent crime spree starts to spiral out of control, a few courageous individuals decide to take a stand… will they do so in time?  “Crimes Against Humanity: A1H1W2″ is filled with stories of love, romance, betrayal, and deception.  Above all, it is a cautionary tale, beseeching humanity to stop desecrating our planetary home, so all earthly life will prevail.”


This we know: Humanity stands at the precipice. We must quickly decide whether we will continue to desecrate and destroy our planet, or whether we will make the needed changes and sacrifices that allow all of earthly existence to survive and thrive. We are asked to consciously co-create a new reality in which to fulfill our greater, more noble destinies. Indeed it is the very reason that each of us is presently living upon Earth.

This we know: We are summoned, and how we respond is critical. Do we step up to the plate and begin to make the necessary changes, or do we continue to complain, turn away, and wait for others to change?

This we know: We already recognize where change is needed. We already know what each of us must do to become the change we wish to see in our world. We know that there are needy, sick, poor and homeless; and that every one of us makes a difference. And we all realize that we have come to Earth for just such a moment as this.

We may not fully know how to change, we may not fully know what to do, or even if we can succeed. But begin we must! Humankind will surely perish if we do not try.

This we know: Each world begins with You and Me. All of us are Beings of Energy and Light. We are invited to participate in the most sacred task of creating a new world. We already know that all change and creation begins within. So please take a moment or two, or three or more …. Please enter into the silence and stillness at the very core of your being, and please begin the inner process of creating a sustainable and caring world.

Deep within my heart and soul, there is an absolute certainty that We can create the world we want to dwell within; We can evolve; and We can become a loving, compassionate, sustainable and harmonious humanity. We can make it happen, if we but dare to dream and envision once again. It has always been so.

This we know: A dedicated community of vision and light can bring forth a life sustaining and life affirming humanity. I invite you to become the change you wish to see in your world, to be the action you seek, the inspiration you need, and the love you wish to share. Let us join together in the wonder of conscious co-creation and joy. Let us begin!

All who wish to respond to Spirit’s Soulful call to help birth a new world – please contact me. Now is the moment to begin. Please join and make it so.




                    My Guidelines for Life:

Enjoy Life, It’s a magical journey.

Life is challenging.  Do your best.

Some days are definitely better than others.  Treasure them.

Life is a journey of self-discovery.

Life has meaning and purpose.

Choice and freedom always come with responsibility.

What you resist, persists – it’s always better to deal with your Life’s challenges, rather than to avoid them.

You can’t move onto the next lesson until you learn the present one.

Learn from your losses, savor your gains.

You cannot gain at someone else’s expense.

Don’t blame, judge, criticize – Instead learn.

It’s O.K. to say “No!”

Life is not about winning; it’s above learning and evolving.

You can only see the world as you are, not as it truly is.

You create your world, one thought, feeling and idea at a time.

The world out there is a reflection of who you are in here.

You create, write and enact the story of your life.

To change the world, you must change yourself.

Seek ways that are Life Sustaining.

Forgive and Love – Love Prevails above all.

Take a Risk – and Grow!

Love is All There Is.

As an Elder and Grandmother I care deeply.  I send you love and blessings and encourage you to be all that you can be.

I know that you have chosen to be here, and to encounter the many challenges that will come you way throughout your days,

months and years upon planet Earth.  I believe that you are capable of fulfilling anything you set your mind too, and that you

are a light onto this world.  I also  know you can make a difference in this world; a difference that will help all of humanity to

move forward and awaken to its true nature as spiritual beings that exist in both the physical and well as the invisible realms of existence.


You are important, very important.  You do make a Difference!  You are an eternal being and you will always be.  I am inviting you to shine

your light far and wide, to become the self you always were, already are, and always will be.  I am here to guide and to love you.  Always.


I promise.


Grani Joyce


My Story: Who Am I?”


At least once in every person’s life, each of us will ask our self, “Who am I?”  More likely, each of us will ask this question again and again.  And most of us have also wondered, “What am I doing here,” as well as “What is it all about anyway?  I haven’t a clue!”  Today the answers to these questions are more important than ever.  The rapidly occurring economic and climate changes in our world create enormous challenges that ask us to reconsider our priorities, values, choices, and our very understanding of “Who am I?” and “Who we are as human beings?”

My life began in New York City on May 10, 1937.  I was born an identical twin.  Life was comfortable and safe.  My twin, Alice, and I thrived, and soon were known to all in our neighborhood as the “Twins” or “twinnee.”  Such endearing names meant that people couldn’t tell us apart, and we became simply, “the Twins.”  We fortunately lived far from the battlefields of World War II and all the other wars that too quickly followed.  Life was good and serene.  I never imagined it otherwise.  Childhood unfolded without incident and before long, Alice and I had graduated from Bronx High School of Science and were about to enter College.  Alice chose to go to one college, and I attended another for      a year.  It was the first time Alice and I were really separated, and I very much enjoyed my independence.  No longer a pair or a “We,” I had suddenly and joyously become a “Me.”

I was also engaged to Gilbert, whom I married on December 25, 1955.  How young, naïve, hopeful and eager we both were!  We had our dreams, our goals, and believed that nothing could prevent us from attaining them.  Oh the joy, passion and exhilaration of youth.In 1956, we moved to Washington, D. C. area.  Gilbert attended George Washington Law School at night and worked by day at the U. S. Patent office, and later in the U. S. Naval Weapons Department.  Like so many women before me, I willingly gave up my own education and chose instead to go to work until Gilbert finished Law School.  I worked until our first child, Paul, was born on May 13, 1960.  Gilbert graduated from Law School in June of that year, and our family of three settled into tranquil domesticity.  As stay-at-home wife and mother, I was following a timeless path, and never once did I question it.  I was content and this was my path, and I fully and completely embraced it.In 1961, we moved to Los Angeles and settled in the San Fernando Valley.  Gil joined an Intellectual Properties Law Firm in Los Angeles, which handled patents, trademarks, copyrights and unfair business practices.  Several years later, the firm made Gilbert a partner and we have remained in California ever since.  Our second son, Robert arrived on March 13, 1963; life was rich and full.

My personal journey into wholeness began during the early 60’s, when women began to raise their voices and their consciousness, openly questioning our present way of life, the “Glass Ceiling” and the inequities of being a woman.    What women really wanted was equal pay for equal work (they still do),along with respect, dignity and the right to choose.  Instead, massive change suddenly carried men, women and children, indeed all of us, into a vastly different world. Nothing seemed to remain the same, and only half of our marriages were able to adjust to this new world, where so many women became single mothers and divorcees.  Life was changing and growing more complex and the pace of our days and nights were quickening as well.  Everyone was busy… busy… indeed, we were too busy to notice.

In 1964, Gil and I lost our baby girl only days after her birth.  We were devastated! It was not only a shattering moment, but also one that was to impact our life and our marriage more deeply that we had imagined possible.  The turmoil and issues raised by our baby’s death initiated my spiritual awakening and encouraged me to take the first steps upon a sacred journey that continues to this day.  Like all journeys, mine began by asking the existential questions that arise whenever the unimaginable and unspeakable happens.  Questions like, “Why, Why Me, and “Who Am I? were challenging me to grow and leading me to new possibilities and new vistas.

Growth and Transformation caused additional stresses. The loss of our baby, as well as the changes in our relationship and world, were relentlessly driving us towards divorce.  By late 1965, like so many others who were divorced, I had become a single Mom.  Life presented me with one learning experience after another and to cope, I started psychotherapy.  Didn’t we all?  With the help of a wonderful psychologist, I changed, and I slowly healed.  I was also discovering the rich inner life and realms of the psyche and yearned to know more.

And suddenly, another unexpected shift in the wind.  By the end of 1966, Gil and I were once again man and wife.  And once more, I chose to be an “at home wife and mother” and on May 28, 1968 we welcomed Bruce and Gabrielle, a set of preemie twins into our home and deep into our hearts.  My twins had lots of challenges and difficulties.  They shared a “twin speak” – their own language, and were in 6 physiotherapy sessions/week for their second and third years, and then suddenly began to catch up.  My husband helped a scientist fine tune his invention and to get it patented – not knowing that it would help one of our twins to survive and avoid a lot of brain damage.  It was the first ever intensive care unit for a neonate in distress.

Having two babies with special needs and challenges encouraged me to return to school.  I began my studies at California State University – Northridge.  Little did I know that I would remain a student for the next seventeen years, earn two Ph.D.s, become a Post Doctoral Scholar, and teach in the prestigious UCLA Medical School.  Nor did I realize that I would be the first woman with a family to be accepted into the Department of Neurosciences at UCLA, or that I would become a Psychologist in private practice.  The miraculous unfolding of this path is still a surprise to me and to almost everyone I meet.

Special guidance programs to assist an older student with the challenges of graduate school, and of balancing school with family life simply did not exist when I returned to college in the ‘70’s.  I was onmy own!  Upon acceptance into UCLA’s Dept. of Neuroscience, I was informed that I would not receive any special accommodation.  I would have to take the same number of units/quarter that every other student twenty years younger would be taking.  The pace was overwhelming and exhausting.  Somehow, the family and I made it through the first two years.  Nevertheless, the prodding and ignoring of special circumstances continued, and so I decided to transfer into the Dept. of Anatomy in the School of Medicine and earned my doctorate there.  They were kinder and gratefully, I no longer had to hide my motherhood.  The transfer also afforded me the opportunity to teach in the School of Medicine at UCLA; it was a very privileged and satisfying experience.  After graduation in 1983, I was awarded an N.I.M.H. Post-Doctoral Scholarship, also at UCLA.  I felt deeply honored.  Yet, research funding was becoming scarce and age discrimination assured that I would not be granted tenure.  With the encouragement of family and faculty, I looked for ways to use my training and my skills in more satisfying ways.

I decided to apply to graduate school for a second doctorate. Yes a second one; this time in Psychology. I missed working with people, and always wondered what made people grow into their particular selvesand personalities.  I graduated as a Psychologist from William Lyon University in San Diego in 1987, completed my internship, passed my licensing exams and also earned my license as a Registered Psychologist in British Columbia, Canada.  Since 1991,   I’ve had a private practice as a Psychologist, started my practice as a Life Coach in 2002, and earned my certification as a Cancer Patient Advocate in 2005.  It is a special privilege to help people claim their own power, accept responsibility for their choices, improve the quality of their lives, and to realize their most cherish dreams.  I truly value their willingness to risk in order to grow.

My children are now grown and I have four wonderful grand-children., Breeana and Catie, Carmela and Carlos.  Since my family lives near by, I get to see all of them often.  I have enjoyed many roles as daughter, twin sister, wife, mother, mother-in-law, grandmother, woman, student, teacher, scientist, psychologist, author, coach, neighbor and friend.  All are important parts of me, and all have given much back to me, in return.  For many years, I have also served as an ECOSOC Representative to the United Nations on behalf of The Institute of Global Education, a not-for-profit non-governmental organization.

Presently, I am co-creating a Grandmothers’ World Council with a Maori Wise Woman I know in New Zealand.  We hope the Council will grow in its own time.  I love to travel, and my “stage” is truly aglobal one.  I pray that my health will allow me to continue my travels for many years yet to come.  Confronted with Gilbert’s long and serious illness over the past five years, and the numerous life and death crises we have endured, life presently seems tenuous and unpredictable.  We are learning to deal with uncertainty, fear of loss and dying, and the many difficult issues, questions and challenges that Gilbert’s illness has brought to each of us.  In many ways, despite the fear, growing and yes, some suffering, we have grown wiser, more accepting, and ever grateful for the blessing we still have.   I am sad to tell you, that Gilbert died on May 20, 2011 and is finally at peace.

I so often feel humbled, as well as surprised by the person I have become.  Never did I imagine nor consciously plan the many challenges, losses and successes which have helped me become the “Me” Iam today.  I am often surprised    and amazed by what has taken place during my 72 years upon Earth; Iam eagerly looking forward to what is yet to be.  What will unfold next is yet to be discovered and experienced.  Although the aging process bestows both loss and gifts, challenges and change, I do not fear what will be.  I am following Spirit’s sacred call, trusting the days as they unfold.  Life, in all its mystery, is precious and very, very sweet.



© 2009

Joyce A. Kovelman, Ph.D.,

“Children of Earth, please hear my plea

Let us work together to heal air, land and sea,

Listen well to the stirrings of your heart

For its wisdom turns life into art.

Grandmother holds knowledge long suppressed

Gratefully, her wisdom again is expressed,

For Grandmother’s words, both ancient and new

Always tells us what is sacred and true.

As humanity refrains from corruption and greed,

            Feeds the poor, and houses the Homeless

Crime and Hate will slowly cease,

And our World shall know a lasting peace.

So Bid welcome to the next evolutionary stage

            When humanity finally come of age

It’s time to end our conspiracy of Silence

            And instead, cultivate the ways of Non-Violence.

You may ask, “Grandmother, What can I do?”

            The skies are polluted and no longer blue,

Earth’s waters are brown and no longer fit to drink,

And Half of Earth’s creatures are disappearing

I fear Humankind will soon become extinct.

And, quietly, Grandmother answers,

            Some are blessed with many things,

                        Lots of houses, cars, diamonds and rings,

Yet, they still hunger and yearn for more.  Whatever for?

Others experience scarcity and lack

            As they travel upon the poverty track

Many sad and lonely, descend into the world

             Of heroin and crack.

Desperate to ease their pain

            Of unfulfilled lives,

Many leaving behind a legacy of

            Hungry babes and anguished wives.

So many Hearts filled with unrelenting emptiness

            Never allowing any joy or happiness

To penetrate the dark spaces within

            their Soul.

Grandmother urges us

            To change our “Not enough” attitude

                        To the more noble one of “Gratitude.”

She encourages us to feel the joy Love generates

            And with an outpouring of compassion, our Soul radiates,

Grandmother reminds us that

                                    Power and Domination give way

                        Whenever we show respect

                                    For what others do and say.

                        When Spirit freely flows, Creation grows

                                    Reflection gives Voice to our heart,

                                                And Vision to our Soul

                        Opening the way to all that is Essential

                                    Helping us to achieve our every potential.

                        As we travel upon the Spiritual Path,

                                    Spirit and Mystic Connect.

                        During such moments of sacred mystery,

                                    Our experience is always personal and direct,


                                     Life Changing,





“May you realize your right to life, to love, to simple Be.

May you remember who you are,

And why you came to Earth,

Know that You are a Light to all

       Who follow in your footsteps.”


Grani Joyce

“CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY: A1H1W2″ (c) 2013, Joyce A. Kovelman, Ph.D., Ph.D.

Prologue (c) 2011   Gilbert G. Kovelman, Esq.




(c) 2011

Gilbert G. Kovelman, Esq.

           As man continues to pollute our Mother Earth and all of its inhabitants on land, sea and air (and in the face of uncontrolled Global Warming of the planet), there will come to pass a state of evolutionary acceleration through natural and induced mutations and the desperate need of organic species to adapt to a new and perilous environment, with its attendant unknown problems and consequences that man and Nature may or may not be capable of successful resolution.  That will be the great struggle for life as we now know it.

This book starring “Archaea,” in reality a recently discovered third branch of Earthly life is an adventure story about one such momentous battle for survival and recovery.  While the account is fictional, this story will gnaw at the concerned reader for its message of haunting and probably inevitable truth.


          There will be established on earth a new consciousness and power

          which will shape a race of wise spiritual beings and take up into

          itself all of earth-nature that is ready for this transformation.

                          Sri Aurobindo, Science and Spirituality, p. 171.