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Joyce A. Kovelman, Ph.D., Ph.D.

California License: PSY  11940

B.C. Canada: R. Psych. 01036

Birth date:  May 10, New York, N. Y.

NPI: 1043225568

Certified Hudson Institute Coach (CHIC) of Santa Barbara, CA. -2002

Porrath Foundation Certified Cancer Patient Advocate -2005

Certification in Integral Spirituality - Fielding Grad. Institute, Santa Barbara, CA. . Course created by Integral Institute, Colorado -2007

Leadership America, Class of 2005, Dallas, Tx.

Children:  Four (Adult), and four grandchildren


Dr. Kovelman is the mother of four grown children and grandmother of four. She holds a Ph.D. in Anatomy as well as a Ph.D. in Psychology. Joyce ompleted an NIMH post-doctoral fellowship in Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences and has also taught in the Medical School at U.C.L.A.  Presently, Dr. Kovelman practices psychology in Chatsworth, California.


Joyce's two books, "Once Upon ASOUL: The Story Continues... Science, Psychology and the Realms of the Spirit" and "Namaste': Initiation and Transformation," 1998, Jalmar Press. Both draw upon her extensive training in neuroscience, psychology and several spiritual traditions. Dr. Kovelman is a psychologist, scientist, international speaker, a frequent guest on T.V. and radio, and serves as an official ECOSOC Representative to the United Nations for the Institute of Global Education. It is also available on CD and "Once Upon ASOUL is available in EReader Format (Kindle, Nook, etc.).



1973-1977:  B.A. Psychology, California State University Northridge, Minor in


1977-1983:   Ph.D. Anatomy and Neuroscience, University of California, Los Angeles.

1984-1985:  N.I.M.H. Post-Doctoral Scholar in Psychiatry and Biobehavioral

Sciences, N.P. I. University of California, Los Angeles.

1985-1987:  Ph.D. Clinical Psychology - William Lyon University, San Diego,


1987: Halsted-Reitan Psychological Assessment Training in Basic, Advanced, and Children.

1988: Luria-Nebraska Psychological Assessment Training -  for Children and Adults.

1985-1990:  Psychological Assistant - The Omega Center for Mental Health,

 Woodland Hills, California.

1990-1994:   PSY Quest for Mental Health, Northridge, California.

1994-1996:   PSY Quest for Mental Health, Granada Hills, California.

1996-present:  PSY Quest for Mental Health, Chatsworth, California.

2002: Certified Hudson Institute Coach, Santa Barbara, California.


1978: Neuroanatomy 206, U.C.L.A.. School of Medicine, Westwood, California.

1982-1984: Histology 101, U.C.L.A. School of Medicine,

Westwood, California.

1994: Professor, University of Global Education, Oregon.

1997: Presenter, The Art of Laughing and Crying, 3 C.E.U., C.S.U.N., California.

1998: Presenter, The Evolution of Consciousness, 1 C.E.U, L.A.C.P.A., California

2002: Presenter, When Money Becomes A Drug, 2 C.E.U., S.F.V.P.A., California 



1992-1998: Northridge Hospital Medical Center, Northridge, California, Campus A and B ·

1993-1998: Valley Hospital Medical Center, California. ·

1995-1998: I.P.A. - Aegis.


1977: Delmar C. Nicks Award - Outstanding Psychology Graduate, California State University, Northridge.CA.

1980-1983: Scottish Rite Schizophrenia Research Program, Grant Award. 1984: Teaching Fellow - Histology 101, Department of Anatomy, University of California.

1984-1985: N.I.M.H., Post-Doctoral-Scholar in Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences - Neurospychiatric Institute, University of California, Los Angeles.

1990-present: International Advisory Board - Radio for Peace International, Costa Rica, Central America.

1992-American Board of Medical Psychotherapists.

1994-1998: California Psychology Association, Chair - Prescriptive Privileges for Psychologists.

1996: Diplomat-Board Certified Forensic Examiner, Chair-Executive. Board of Psychological Advisors  - American Board of Forensic Examiners.

1998-February 20-22: Scholar-in-Residence - Temple Beth Zion-Sinai,   Lakewood, California.  

1999-present: ECOSOC Official Representative to the United Nations - The   Institute of Global Education, Portland, Oregon.

2005: : Member of "Finding Our Common Humanity," Email dialogue for Jews and Muslims, Sponsored by Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Ethics, Malibu, California, March 28-May 22.    

2012: Member of Advisory Board of QiGong & Integral Medicine Foundation, Kenmore, WA.

2012: Contributing Editor: EMagazine InSpirit.  India,

2013: Delegate Member to do book signing, review, and articles.  New York, N.Y.


1979: Scheibel, A. B. and Kovelman, J. A., "Dendritic disarray in the hippocampus ofPparanoid Schizophrenia", Abstr. and Poster. Biol, Psychiatr", Chicago.

1981: Scheibel, A. B. and Kovelman, J. A., "Disorientation of the hippocampal pyramidal cell and its processes in the schizophrenic patient," Biol. Psychiatry, 16(l) 101-102.

1983: Kovelman, J. A., "Disorientation of hippocampal pyramidal cells in chronic schizophrenia,",Dissertation, Department of Anatomy, University of California, Los Angeles.

1984: Kovelman, J. A. and Scheibel, A. B., "A neurohistological correlate of schizophrenia,"  Biol. Psychiatry, 19(12): 1601- 1621.

1985: Kovelman, J. A. and Scheibel, A. B., "Disorganization of hippocampal pyramidal cells in the young and aging schizophrenic", In: Proceedings of NIH Conference on Schizophrenia, Paranoia, and Schizophreniform Disorders in Later Life, Guilford Press, New York.

1986: Kovelman, J. A. and Scheibel, A. B., "Biological substrates of schizophrenia", Acta Neurologia Scandinavia, A Review Paper, 73: 1-32.

1986: Kovelman, J. A., "Clinical Aspects of Schizophrenia and Related  Psychological Correlates of Schizophrenia," Dissertation, Department of   Psychology, William Lyon University, San Diego, California.

1987: Altshuler, L. L., Conrad, A. J., Kovelman, J. A. and Scheibel, A. B.,   "Hippocampal pyramidal cell orientation in schizophrenia: A controlled   neurohistologic study," Arch. of Gen. Psychiatry. 44:1094-1098.

1988: Kovelman, J. A. and Scheibel, A. B., "Histopathological alterations in   chronic schizophrenia," Biobehavioral Brain Sciences.

1993: Kovelman, J. A., "Mental Illness and Managed Care", The California Psychologist, Vol. XXV, No. 6.

1994: Kovelman, J. A., "Mental Illness and Managed Care," Inland Empire Business Journal, Vol. 6, No. 3.

1994-1996: Kovelman, J. A., "The Gentle Way", (bi-monthly column) National Singles Register, Malibu, Ca.

1995-present: Kovelman, J. A., "Women's Way", (bi-monthly column) Internet.

2002: Kovelman, Joyce A. and Van Duc, Hoang, "The Third Ventricle - The Temple of the Soul," Spiritual Science Reflections, 28, Summer, pp. 5-6, 18.

2004: The Process of Transformation," Cam Williams Alternative Healthcare Network.

2006: Kovelman, J. A.and Van Duc, Hoang, "The Third Ventricle" at www.newworldview/biz/library.

2006: Kovelman, J.A., A Student's Guide to Wilber's Integral Model," On-line Distant Learning 5 Cont. Ed. units,

2007: Kovelman, J.A. "The World of 2070 A.D." in Randhawa, J., "The Future of the New Earth," 188-192.

2007: Kovelman, J.A. "Birthing a Brave New World," Translated into three languages in LOTUS ( See httP://

2007: Farrell, S., Joyce Kovelman, Ph.D., Ph.D.  P. R. about Dr. Kovelman's life and career.  Daily News, Woodland Hills, CA..

2007: Kovelman, Joyce A., "Holiday Wishes," inEmpowered Parenting, Dec. 2007 issue. nttp://ep2007december,

2008: Kovelman, Joyce A. "The World of 2070 A.D."  Global Visionary Meditation Focus 185, April 20th, Quebec, Canada: www.earthrainbownetwork/FocusArchiveshome.htm,. ID=7362304812295688290.

2008: Kovelman, Joyce A. "The International Grandmothers' World Council," FLASH SPLASH/WS_The Grandmothers.html/.

2008: Joyce A. "An Integral Psychology and Cancer Patient Advocacy Model," in press.  part of materials in 5 C.E. U. Course with, Sonoma, CA.

2009: Kovelman, Joyce A. "May you Live in Interesting Times," Kris Chronicles, Toronto, pp.11-12.

2010: Kovelman, Joyce A. . and Rev. Van Duc, Hoang, "The Third Ventricle," Revision Magazine, Spring, 2010, Vol. 31, No. 2, Sebastopol, CA. pp. 25-29.

2012: Kovelman, Joyce A. "Non-Violence is a Global Imperative," Contributing Ed., , The Inner Spiral EMagazine, Premier Issue, September,

2012: Kovelman, Joyce A.  Appt. to Advisory Board of Qi Gong and IntegralMedicine, Kenmore, WA., Dir. Guan-Cheng Sun, Ph.D.


1980: Presentation - Neurohistochemical findings in Schizophrenia - Schizophrenia as a Brain Disease, Fifth Annual Andrew Woods Symposium, University of Iowa, College of Medicine, Iowa City, Iowa.

1982: Presentation - Hippocampal Pyramidal Cells and Schizophrenia - NIH Conference on Schizophrenia, Paranoia, and Schizophreniform Disorders in Later Life, NIMH, Bethesda, Maryland.

1983: Presentation - A Neurohistological Correlate of Schizophrenia - Biological Psychiatry Symposium, New York.

1983: Presentation - A Neurohistological Correlate of Schizophrenia - Neuroscience Conference, Boston, MA..

1989-2000: Numerous Presentations on various psychological topics at Clubs, Service Organizations, Breakfast groups, etc.

1993: February: Workshop -" Death As Transition." horthridge, CA.

1993-July: Workshop - "The Art of Aging Well."

1994-May: "Woman's Way: The Gentle Way,"  IV. Annual Conference Women & Business, Riverside, CA.

1994-May 22: Keynote Speaker - The Art of Laughing and the Art of Crying," Northridge Hospital Medical Center, Northridge, California.

1994-July: Workshop - "The Art of Laughing and the Art of Crying," IV. Annual Brain-Mind Symposium.·

1995-April: Workshop - "The Art of Laughing and the Art of Crying," Conference: The Pathway Home, Louisville, Kentucky.

1995-May: Presentation - "Love and Relationships," V. Annual Conference-Women & Business, Riverside, CA.

1995-October 5-9: Workshop - "Aging into Wisdom," '95 Council of Grandmothers, Tucson, Arizona.

1995-October 11: Workshop - "The Art of Laughing and the Art of Crying," Mission College, Sylmar, California.

1995-November 19: Presentation, "Transcending Violence and Embracing Peace," Interfaith Celebration at World Peace Prayer Society Dojo, Los Angeles, California.

1996-March 14: Workshop, "Healing the Human Heart," Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Ethics, Malibu, California.

1996-April 13: Speaker - Forever Relationship, ICAT 1996 Symposium, Baltimore, Maryland.

1996-July 13-14: Conference Coordinator - "Bridging Science and Religion: Towards A New Spirituality and an Ethic of Peace," Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Ethics, Malibu, California.

1996-July 21: Presentation, "The Dark and Light Sides of Science, Psychology, Spiritual Traditions and the Peace Making Process," Unity-and-Diversity World Council, Los Angeles, California.

1997-June 27-29: Workshop, " Partnership to Heal the Earth," Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Ethics, Malibu, California.

1997-August 22: Poster Session,  Scientist's Version of the Mystical Four- Worlds," Brain and Self: Towards a New Science of Consciousness, Sponsored by Sci. Med.Network,  Elsinore, Denmark.

1997-August 24: Poster Session - Scientist's Version of the Mystical Four Worlds, Beyond the Brain, Cambridge, England.

1998-Feb. 20-22: "Mystical Four Worlds," Scholar-in-Residence, Lakewood, California.

1998-June 12-14: Workshop , "Evolution of Consciousness," Pathways' Retreat, Valyermo, California.

1998-July 10: Presentation, " Evolution of Consciousness," Scientific Medical Network, University of Warwick, England.

1998-Sept: Paper , "The Scientific Version of the Mystical Four Worlds," Towards A Science of Consciousness, Belgrade, Yugoslavia.

1998-October 17: Presentation, "Evolution of Consciousness," L.A.C.P.A., 1 C.E.U., Los Angeles, California.

1998-November 12: Presentation, "Evolution of Consciousness," Friends of the Scientific and Medical Network, Brown's Bay, New Zealand.

1998-November 18: "Evolution of Consciousness," Theosophical Society, Sydney, Australia.

1999-Feb. 14: Workshop, "Evolution of Consciousness," at Philosophical Research Society,Los Feliz, Los Angeles,

1999-April 11: 2 Presentations,-"Evolution of Consciousness" and "The Emerging Feminine," Science and Consciousness Conference, Sponsored by The Message Company, Alburqueque, New Mexico.

1999-May 18-20: 2 Workshops - "Evolution of Consciousness" and "The Emergent Feminine," World Peace - Inner Peace Conference, The Hague, Netherlands.

1999-October 15-17: Panel, "Evolution of Consciousness," Consciousness, Biology, Living Systems; Institute of Noetic Sciences, Los Angeles, California.

1999-November 20: Workshop," Evolution of Consciousness," Institute of Noetic Sciences, Los Angeles.

2000-February 19: Presentation, "Holographic Abundance," Institute of Noetic Science, MGM Plaza, Los Angeles.

2000-August 3-6: "A Call to Earth's Wisdom and Peace Keepers," Presentation-The Association of Transpersonal Psychology Summer 2000 Conference, Vancouver, B. C., Canada

2000-November 20: The 9th Annual Family Reunion with V.P. and Mrs. A. Gore, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tenn. Participant

2001-Sept. 18: TV Panelist, "Road to Recovery," discussing 911 on The Recovery Network, National TV - cable, Ken Wright, Moderator, Los Angeles.

2001-Sept. 23: Kovelman, Joyce A. and Van Duc, Hoang,  "The Third Ventricle, Temple of the Soul: Part 1," Unity-and-Divinity World Council, Mar Vista, California.

2001-Oct. 7: Kovelman, Joyce A. and Van Duc, Hoang, "The Third  Ventricle, Temple of the Soul: Part 2," Unity-and-Divinity World Council, Mar Vista, California.

2001-October 12: Kovelman, Joyce A. "The Money Clinic," on Total Health Talk, Monika Klein, Moderator, Access Cable - Channel 3, Los Angeles, CA.

2002 - May 23:Kovelman, J. A.  "Meet the Coach," on Total Health Talk, Monika Klein, Moderator, Access Cable, Channel 3, Los Angeles.

2002 - Feb. Kovelman, Joyce A. "The Money Clinic," Hudson Institute, Santa Barbara, California.

2002- May 24: Kovelman, Joyce A. "Women and Money" Annual Conference - Women and Business, Pomona Conference and Show Grounds, California - two presentations.

2002 - August 14: Kovelman, Joyce A.  "The Third Brain Ventricle - Temple of the Soul," Friends of Scientific Medical Network, Auckland, New Zealand.

2002 - Nov. 2: "Grandparents Raising Grandchildren," Panel Facilitator, Westport, Ct.  Sponsored by United Way.

2003: September 10, Kovelman, J. A., Presentation: "Shaping the Future Through Education," Unity and Diversity World Council, 56th Annual DPI/NGO U.N. Conference, N.Y., N. Y,  Los Angeles, CA.

2004; April 16, 20th, Kovelman, Joyce A. "Creative Aging and Retirement," Two Sep. Seminars on Retirement, U.S.C., Dept. of Gerontology, Los Angeles, CA.

2004, May 10-21: Joyce A. Kovelman, "Grandmothers' World Council." Permanent Indigenous Forum, U. N.  Conference, New York, N. Y.

2004-July 10, Kovelman, Joyce A. "Women as FMS (Family Management Specialists)?", the Women's Education Consortium, Granada Hills, California.

2004, July 10,Kovelman, J. A., "An Afternoon with Dr. Joyce," The Women's Educatrion Consortium, Sarah Minden, CEO, The Meeting Room, Woodland Hills, CA.

2004, July 12: Kovelman, J. A. "The Why and How of Coaching and Mentoring," The Rotary Club,  Encino, CA.

2004; Sept. 14, Kovelman, J.A. "The Cycle of Renewal and Change," Rotary Club,  Encino, CA.

2006, Aug. 13Kovelman, J. A. , "The Healing of Agape," Audio Wave File on "Infinite Consciousness php, Interview with Ms. Eva Herra, Altlanta, GA. 54.35. mins.

2006, Oct. 15: Kovelman, J.A, Interview in "Documentary on Mort Cooper, Ph.D., "The Voice Doctor," on MBC Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation, Seoul, So. Korea.

2007, June 29, Kovelman, J.A., "Everything is A Story," International Nepali Literary Club, The Westin-Los Angeles Hotel, Los Angeles, CA.

2007, July Interview, Kovelman, Joyce A. "The Divine Feminine," with Ms. Elizabeth Debold, Ph.D., Sr. Editor, "?WHat is Enlightenment?, on-line, recorded by, audio broadcase media presentation.

2007: Kovelman, Joyce A. Testimonial for, Los Angeles, CA.

2007. Oct. 26, Interview: Kovelman, J. A. "Discovering the True Essentials for Balanced Living," with Bryan C Flourney (55 Mins.).

2008. Mar. 29-30: Kovelman, J. A. "The Money Clinic," Workshop, Chatsworth, CA., all-day.

2008. April 2, Kovelman, J.A. ""Grandmothers' Circle - A Call to Earth's Wisdom andPeace Keepers," on, Pod Cast with Wendy Garrett.

2008. Sept. 18th, Kovelman J.A. "I AM WOMAN on a Journey called Life" Wookbook One, Welcome to Planet Earth, Guidelines for Life," House of Song, Los Angeles, CA.

2008, Sept. 15, Kovelman, J.A. "The Art of Laughing and Crying (PNI)" House of Song, Los Angeles, CA.

2009. May 7. Kovelman, J. A. "The third Ventricle" Interview and Pod Cast on Kris Radio, Toronto, CA.

2009. Oct. 24-25. Kovelman, J.A., "Value Fulfillment - the Meaning and Purpose of Life," Seth Annual L.A. Conference, Los Angeles, CA.

2009. Oct.31. Kovelman, J.A., "Cancer Patient Advocacy on Pat Hansen Talk Show, Ventura, CA.

2010, Sept. 11th. Kovelman, J.A. "Frontiers of Science and Psychology," The Jung Group, Auckland, New Zealand.

2010: Oct. Kovelman, J. A. "The Codicils - Co-creating a Compassionate, Cooperative and Peace Loving World, Seth Annual L.A. Conference, Los Angeles, CA.

2010. oct. 10. Kovelman, J. A. "Two Workshops, "Grandmothers' World Council." and "The Awakened, Divine Feminine," One America Conference, Santa Barbara, CA.

2011. Jan. 6. Kovelman, Joyce A.. & Ms. Eva Herr.   "Science, Consciousness and Spirituality," Zander Jewish Community Center, Atlanta, GA.

2011. Mar 5. Kovelman, Joyce A. "Creative Aging," Round Table Facilitator,  4th Annual Women's Festival.:Bringing All Our Worlds Together, Santa Barbara, CA (Fair Grounds). - presented three times.

2011. Mar 8. Kovelman, Joyce A. Panelist: "Science and Consciousness," Los Angeles Friends of the U. N.,  Santa Barbara, CA.

2011. June 11. Kovelman, J. A. "Once Upon ASOUL: The Story Continues" and "Namaste'" Interview with Dr. Susan L. Kolb on BBC Radio, Atlanta, GA.

2011.Nov. 9. Kovelman, J.A. Presentation: "Emotional Intelligence, Transformation and Stress/Anger Management, " Northridge Hospital, DSBP Group,  Northridge, CA.

2012. March. Kovelman, J. A.  Presentation on "Integrating Meditation and Psychotherapy: Research on Mindfulness in Treatment of Depression, Anxiety, OCD and Addiction," Northridge Hospital, Northridge, CA.

2012. July 14. Kovelman, J. A. Two Workshops over 2 days: "Welcome to Planet Earth," and "Evolution of Consciousness: The Awakened Feminine," at Qi Gond and Interal Medicine with Dir. Guan-Cheng Sun, PHD, Bastyr University, Kenmore, WA.




1976-present: Psi Chi, Psychology Honor Society.


1977-present: New York Academy of Sciences (#31538).

1977-present: Phi Kappa Phi. ·

1977-present: Society of Neuroscience.

1977-present: Society for Transpersonal Psychology.

1977-present: The Menninger Foundation.

1988-present: American Psychological Association, Associate (#3579-0402).

1988-2011: California Psychological Association, Member.

1990-present: National Academy of Neuropsychology (Professional) Division 28.

1990-present: Institute of Global Education·

1992-present: American Board of Medical Psychotherapists.

1994-present: Scientific-Medical Network, U. K.

1995-2008: The Raoul Wallenberg Institute for Ethics.

1995-2011: Unity-and-Diversity World Council.

1996-2010: The American College of Forensic Examiners.

1997-1998: Chair - Psychopharmacology Committee for Prescriptive Privileges for Psychologists, SFVPA, San Fernando Valley, California.

2002: Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara (CA),   Certified Coach (Life, Personal, Executive - CHIC).

2005. Leadership America, Dallas, Tx. Class of 2005 and in Alumni.

2005. Porrath Foundation of Beverly Hills, CA. Certified Cancer Patient Advocate.

2006. International Academy of Behavioral Medicine, Counseling and Psychotherapy, Inc.  Colorado Springs, CO.

2012. Advisory Board of Institute of Gi Gong and Integral Medicine, Kenmore, WA.  Dir. Guan-Cheng Sun, Ph.D.


Books, Workbooks, CDs and EReaderby Joyce A. Kovelman:

"Once Upon ASOUL: The Story Continues... Science, Psychology, and the Realms of Spirit," Jalmar Press, 1998 and on CD, 2012..  2nd Ed, 2013 on kindle, Nook, for Apple and a fourth EReader format,  Joyce A. Kovelman, Ph.D., Ph.D.  Formatting by Insight Publishing, Tenn.

"Namaste': Initiation and Transformation: A How To for those Who Wish to Grow," Jalmar Press, 1998, Workbook, No CD.

"Namaste" is also available in Portuguese from Madras Editoria, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2000. 

"The Reluctant Twin" for boys andfor  girls 4-9 yrs.old.  Available as soft cover, color image book : also on CD.

"The Lonely Triplet" for boys and for girls 4-9 yrs. old.Available as soft cover, color image book: Also on CD.

"The Money Clinic" Spiral Bound Workbook, also available on CD. 2002.

"I AM WOMAN on a Journey called Life," 5 Workbook S eries (One to Five). Available in CD and Spiral Bound Workbooks.

"Knowing Me, Knowing You,"Children's Game for Multiples (Twins, Triplets, Quads, etc.) ages 4-9,  Available on Web url, CD, and  a boad game version is also available by special order.  2007.

"Crimes Against Humanity,: A1H1W2" a mystery-thriller novel as well as today's science today.  Takes Place on Antarctica in the oceans of the world.  Available through, Spring, 2013.


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