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Welcome to
 Welcome  to my web site.  I'm delighted  that you have come to visit and to see what I have to share with you.
I invite all who recognize that there is more to Heaven and Earth than the readily visible and who yearns to explore the deeper mysteries of Life to blog with me as well as to read some of my books, listen to my CDs and take a workshop with me.
I show you how to integrate Mind, Body and Spirit into a Satisfying Wholeness.
As you become aware of the many services I offer, you will grow and evolve at your own pace.  Gradually, you recognize  that I am a multi-faceted, multi-dimensional being of years of experience and expertise, just as your are.  I am trained as a scientist, psychologist, and coach; consider myself a Mystic-in-Training and like you, carry the Spirit of the Divine deep within. I care deeply for Humanity, for our Planet, and gently invite each of you to discover the One We Are.
I encourages you to exploore your own humanity and to join with me in co-creating a Peaceful and harmonious world for all of existence. Let each one become Guardian of the Environment and Birth a Brave New World for All to Share.
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